Portrait Artist of the Year Advice On SKY ARTS Painting Competitions

Portrait Artist of the Year Advice On SKY ARTS Painting Competitions


Portrait Artist of the Year Advice for Entering

So you want to show the world your Art ability, on Portrait Artist of the Year or Landscape Artist of the Year, to validate all the long hours you spend practicing. Sounds like a no brainer entering one of these competitions, to do just that. But wait here are a few things you should take on board first, when considering your entry;

I have had the pleasure of being on the show 4 times. Twice on Landscape Artist of the year (2016 & 2018) and twice on Portrait Artist of the year (2014 & 2020). Needles to say I didn’t win (but I am not bitter).

Setting aside the fact I lost 4 times, I did gain a lot of experience of the filming, interview, and setup process. Because of this I would like to share a few thoughts with you in the hope that you might do better than I did when your chance comes along:

1.  Prepare for lots of questions. Because you will be asked them.

2. Portrait Artist of the Year is more stressful to compete in .

3. If you are lucky enough to get onto ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’ be prepared to have some form of device to work from, because the lighting is blinding and working direct from the model extremely hard.

4. ‘Landscape Artist of the Year’ was most enjoyable, because it was less pressured and more creative.

5. Be prepared for a long lead up to the actual painting (3 hrs of interviews & waiting around in the morning. With the same again after you stop Painting in the afternoon)

6. Both are very tiring, so have someone drive you home after.

7. You do not need all your Art materials, because ‘Cass Art’ sponsor the event and there are several materials you can use on set.

8. Enjoy the day. You have a 1 in 7/8 chance of winning the heat and I feel this is also dependant on the winners of other heats. (but this just my opinion.)

Final Thoughts

Taking part in this show is a great experience, but not one you should take,  if you are not confident in your abilities. Because there is a lot going on, not just the painting and you need to be able to handle the interruptions and pressure of the day.  But if you can do this and produce a winning piece you stand a great chance of taking your Art career to the next level so Good Luck…!