Fareham Art Gallery – Oil Painting Class

Course type: Oil Painting

Level: Beginner to intermediate
Max: 10 students
Cost: £65.00 for 6 weeks
Time: 9.30am – 11.30am
Day: Tuesdays

Location: Fareham Art Gallery  

Course description:

Fareham Oil Painting Class

The 6 weeks will be broken up into two 3 week blocks. The first 3 weeks will be taking a landscape design from start to finish. I will be demonstrating the basics of starting the painting, including layout, composition, applying a ground, initial drawing, blocking in the color ranges and creating the value map of the finished piece. I will be demonstrating the progression of the painting after which students will follow the steps outlined (If experience level allows the student can take the painting in their own direction if desired). the final week we will pull the painting together with layers and flourishes of detail. The second 3 weeks will be a lesson on developing a floral still life working from life. The first week will be the block in and drawing of the arrangement. The second week we will be building the color harmony and correcting values. the final week the painting will be pulled together again with details and finishing layers.


To book on to the class please contact Kathy @ Fareham Art Gallery thefarehamgallery@btinternet.com


or Contact Stewart for further details on 07741 471330