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RSI and Art Don’t Mix

Since January 2014 I have been plagued by an RSI in my right arm. This effects one of the nerves and causes a lot of pain and tightness, and as you can imagine is not conducive with my painting and drawing work.  I have taught my self to use my left arm but its not the same and control is not as fine or precise. I find myself getting quite frustrated as I can’t do what I know I can do sometimes. So for the time being I have not been producing much work that requires a lot of fine control.

This has lead me on a path of experimentation and discovery that I may not have taken had I not had this problem.  I have been trying new ways of applying paint and different surfaces. My current explorations are into using mirrors as a surface, as I like the idea of introducing another level of light effect to the finished piece.  To this end I have been playing around with spraying the mirrors and then painting on top of the enamel spray. After this I scratch back into the surface to reveal small pockets of mirror, that add another dimension to the finished image. Along with this I have been using acrylic glazing mediums to introduce a textured surface that adds interest.